The ideavation Guide to Employee Welcome Kits

Recently, ideavation has welcomed a new member to the team, which has got us thinking about a brand-building opportunity that is growing in popularity: the branded Employee Welcome Kit. With so many innovations in our workplaces and endless supply options, these kits can put essential items with your own branding right into the hands and on the desks of employees who will instantly make use of them. This initiative can instantly communicate your corporate ideals, which gets your new hire on the same page while showing them how much their contributions are valued.

There are some ground rules for an excellent Employee Welcome Kit. While you don’t have to break bank, quality is crucially important. The stereotypical “trinkets & trash” must be avoided! Quality trumps quantity — a few sturdy, useful, and personalized items are better than a cheap grab bag any day. We also encourage you to check at least three boxes: include at least one item for practicality, one item for fun, and one item that your new hire will have never seen before. And lastly, don’t neglect your aesthetics! Most products will be available in a colour that suits your brand; but if it isn’t, a clean white or black look will always win the day.

For our blog today, we have pulled together some of the freshest brandable merchandise on the market to inspire a memorable Welcome Kit. While they run the gamut from traditional to youthful, any of these items can be personalized to fit your corporate aesthetic, be you a buttoned-down law firm or a zany tech start-up.

1. Beautiful Packaging

Packaging is what distinguishes a present from a handout. We’d recommending building your Employee Welcome Kit around the packaging. A beautiful gift box creates a beautiful memento — that is, a cherished memory of your new hire’s first day with you. Gift boxes work great with one or two high-quality items, such as electronics or keepsake gifts. Alternatively, for heftier kits, a lovely canvas cinch bag will go on to live a new life as your new hire’s new favourite tote!

2. Wireless Charging Pad

Our phones work hard; they need a nap. This wireless charging pad is a feather bed for phones to let them relax, recharge, and get back up to fighting shape. With its beautiful clean colouring and hypnotic concentric circle design, we wouldn’t be surprised if your clients found themselves dreaming of nestling in right next to their iPhone (or Galaxy, or Nexus… they all work!) Brand your company logo right there on its surface and let your new hire silently thank you each time they tuck their phone in for a rest.

3. Power Bank

The modern workplace goes hand-in-hand with mobility, and power banks are quickly becoming a total necessity. We love how the curvy design on this 1000mAh power bank makes an instant aesthetic statement, and the generous imprint coverage leaves no question as to whose great idea this was.

4. Smart Lamp

Surrounded by the glow of screens, it is so easy to forget that our eyes do in fact require light to work properly. However, computers tend to take up all the desk space that was once available for those grand old desk lamps of the past. Luckily, the future has caught up with smart lamps! Taking up almost no desk space, yet capable of giving off plenty of customizable light, these battery-powered lamps can be charged from your computer, and they can be tucked neatly away during the sunny summer hours or easily transported anywhere that work needs doing.

5. Fancy Notebook

There’s nothing like the smooth, clean pages of a fresh notebook to motivate the creative mind, and the market is booming right now with gorgeous custom cover designs. This jaw-dropping faux-marble cover is a fantastic manifestation of the current natural-materials design trend. A bold contrasting logo will take on nigh-historical significance against this classy cover.

6. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinkware is no fad. In fact, demand for drinkware consistently shows the highest growth throughout the promo industry, and there’s no question as to why: as our understanding of the importance of hydration grows, more and more of us are looking for stylish alternatives to cupped hands under a tap. We like water bottles that show off a bit of our personal flair. Of course, let’s not forget the eco-friendly and cost-effective benefits of reduced waste — plastic water bottles and wax paper cups are quickly becoming taboo. This beautiful stainless-steel bottle follows the “milk bottle” shape trend that is sweeping yoga studios, complete with a sturdy and convenient screw-top lid. Aside from the beautiful chartreuse pictured, this bottle is available in several other top-of-the-fad hues such as bright purple and mahogany red.

7. Smartphone Wallet and Ring Holder

Just when we thought our phones could do everything, enter the promo industry with smartphone accessories! With its classic leather look and solid brass ring, this phone wallet harks back to old technology which incorporated aesthetics right into the function — door knockers, anyone? Plus, the discreet card holder provides an opportunity to find synergies between your most precious items. For example, our newest hire swears that putting her Presto card in her branded ideavation phone wallet has totally leveled up her morning commute.

8. Fidget Cube

Unlike their flashier cousin, the spinners, these guys are way more than just a fad. By now, the research is clear: for many people, repetitive physical movement — i.e., fidgeting — is a necessary part of their thought process. Whereas fidgeters have historically been shamed into trying to alter their habits, we’re now smart enough to know that it is better to work with one’s natural style than against it; and from there, creativity flows! A fidget cube provides a quiet, more amusing alternative to clicking one’s pen or tapping one’s foot, and by gifting one to your new hire, whether or not they are a natural fidgeter, you are sending a message that all creative people are welcome in your environment; that your company recognizes the potential in everyone, no matter their style. Branding your fidget cubes will establish your company as thought leaders ahead of their time.

9. Stress-Reliever Building Blocks

This one is our absolute favourite! Stress balls are an old office standard, but these squeezable building blocks are truly unlike anything we’ve seen before. Think of the customization possibilities! What’s your company motto? Why not print one word of it on each brand-coloured block? A playful gift like these blocks will get your new hire used to the idea of thinking about their new home as a site of innovation.

We hope we’ve opened your eyes to the incredible branding opportunity in Employee Welcome Kits. The next step: picking the items that are right for your company. We can help with that. Catch us at