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Promotional Product Ideas with Innovation!


Total Project Management

Screen Printing We can help manage your communications processes from the project planning stage through fulfillment, distribution and beyond.

ideavation’s services include consultation graphic design, print management, product sourcing, inventory management, distribution and order fulfillment. ideavation understands the value of integrated solutions that streamline processes and maximize efficiencies.

Our experience in managing projects from start to finish helps save you time, money and resources.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products help build your company’s brand. At ideavation we work with our clients; asking the right questions and finding the right solutions to provide quality products to promote the best possible message. Some of the more common Promotional Product categories include pens, stationary, memory and tech, drink ware, bags, and headwear.


ideavation offers a variety of uniforms from sport team jersey’s to restaurant staff to field marketing representatives.

Incentive Programs

Incentive programs can be a valuable part of any business. They have proven to boost company morale, increase sales and build strong relationships between employers and their employees and/or a company and its customers. We make your business our business by learning as much as we possibly can in order to create and provide a customized incentive program. There are many different styles of incentive programs from commemorative awards such as clocks, plaques and crystals to travel incentives like weekend get-aways.


E-Stores are a great tool to break into the fast paced World Wide Web market and offer a variety of products to your franchises, clients, employees or other office locations. An e-store will minimize the stress of building your own brand. The e-store will be developed by an ideavation e-store specialist and will consist of a selection of products. Once your products are selected and your e-store is up and running your job is done! ideavation will take care of everything else from fulfillment to shipping, to invoicing.

Direct Importing

Direct importing is an essential part of the Global economy. ideavation recognizes this and has built partnerships with an extensive network of contacts around the world. Our true factory direct relationships have enabled us to provide great prices on large quantity orders by eliminating unnecessary layers. Directly importing products from one of our partner factories also allows you to completely customize your product. ideavation guarantees speed, quality and value and is second to none in reliability and integrity.

Fulfillment and Kitting

We recognize that most companies do not have the space to store their promotional goods, especially large quantities. ideavation has a fulfillment centre that is available for long or short term storage of your goods. When your goods are stored with us we can ship as much or as little of your product when you want. Our kitting services allow you to select a number of products and have them combined into a single presentation. This is perfect for gift bags for events or items that require special packaging.

Print Collateral

Visuals play an important role in every business from mailers to posters, to holiday greeting cards. Our leading edge graphics specialists are able to turn your ideas into a reality. Our team will work with yours to find the best vehicle to carry your message.


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